Broadening the Mind

Written by Suzanne Graham

Recently, I was talking to a friend about the studies I have been indulging on my free time this break and I realized that some people are not too sure how to go about studying outside of school. It’s common knowledge that school, college courses in particular, will provide students with the necessary knowledge to excel within the work field. It especially helps when students are looking at a particular field of interest. But sometimes school can become expensive, especially at the college and university level.

That does not need to be your only source for information, however. As a big reader, I understood from an early age that you can learn anything from books. But they also taught me that you can learn from anything. It isn’t confined to the walls of an academic institution since anyone can learn from interactions with other humans, from media they’re consuming, or from taking some quiet time to themselves.

My friend knew this, naturally. I feel as though we all understand this at different levels. I just think some of us forget that this kind of learning can also be applied to our academic and career tracks as well. If you read my latest post, you probably noticed that I mentioned I’ve been into learning more about creative writing and animations. My college track, however, does not help me develop those types of skills I will need in the long run. So, I have developed the need to seek information elsewhere.

Some of my favorite places have been random blog posts I find through specified Google searches, YouTube videos that give me exercises I can also practice on my spare time, and books that will broaden my skills and knowledge of a desired skill set. When I shared that I was doing this, my friend reacted saying that she never thought of using YouTube videos to help her develop techniques that she needs for her field of interest. Naturally, I also believe we all need to know when to utilize which of these sources when searching to meet a particular need. For example, I personally feel as though videos help me develop my art skills where books fail at. Just because books didn’t help me, that did not mean I couldn’t learn through a different medium.

Therefore, I want everyone to broaden their scopes. If you’re interested in something, but you don’t know where to find that knowledge, there is something out there, you just might need to try something new. That’s the great thing about living in the time of the internet as well because there is a lot of free information that people offer to those interested. In a way, it’s the same way as being open minded to emerging ideals.


Happy learning everyone! And Happy Holidays!!

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