Gameplay: Genshin Impact

Written by Suzanne Graham

With the start of February, the month, no doubt, brings many new adventures. For Genshin Impact enthusiasts, it also brings the long-awaited update!

For those that don’t know about Genshin Impact, it is a free open-world game available for pc, ps4, and mobile. It was released last September and has started to gain a lot of attraction with the continuously introduced playable characters. The catch? The character system is all based on a lottery with a pity system, which makes it difficult to get the higher tier characters you want for your team.

On February 3rd, the company is releasing Xiao, a wind-based character known as a yaksha. My favorite nickname for him is “Conqueror of Demons” because somehow it reminds me of King from The Owl House. Xiao has been a long-awaited character that many players have obtained enough of the in-game currency to secure their obtainment. Online those characters, I am 25 wishes away from securing him, but I am feeling extremely lucky about my chances. Being free-to-play is a struggle to get all the characters I want… I still cry that I wasn’t able to get Zhongli.

For those that are active participants of the game, I wish you luck on your chances! And as a shameful plug, if you’re looking for new friends to play with, my UID is 603120982 on the North American server. (I need help defeating the oceanic and possibly the new boss for WL5.)

Another feature of the game that of high interest is the upcoming Lantern Rite Festival. This is the game’s way of celebrating Lunar New Year with various activities to provide players with fun challenges and materials to obtain. It is meant to stretch from February 10th to the end of the month as we celebrate 2021’s move into the Year of the Ox.

The gaming company did not hold a new years event for January 1st, therefore, it would be new and highly enticing to visit Liyue Harbor to participate in the festivities.

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