How I Started My Own Tutoring Nonprofit Organization and Gained Exponential Success in 2 Months

Written by Salina Guo

How I Started My Own Tutoring Nonprofit Organization and Gained Exponential Success in 2 Months

My name is Salina Guo and I’m the founder of Just For You Tutoring, the leading youth nonprofit organization focused on providing free 1 on 1 virtual tutoring to boost the confidence of students in school and eventually life. I’m a grade 12 International Baccalaureate student from Toronto, Canada and I was able to achieve exponential success since establishment on June 25, 2020. We garnered 2K+ Instagram followers, made 75+ tutor and student matches, 1.6K+ website visits, was featured in 3+ articles and was able to add 7+ blogs to our website since the opening of our Academic Blog in August. Therefore, I would like to share some advice as to how I got started as well as some helpful tips for other youth organizations. 

My initial idea consisted of a completely different subject matter from tutoring since I knew many organizations already existed. However, I came back to it after applying to be a virtual tutor through several organizations while never receiving a response or student. Rather than continuing to wait, I decided to create my own opportunities for the students and tutors in my area who I’d already asked about their interest in my potential idea. 

From there, I started a marathon of creating resources, emails, deciding on a logo as well as creating a website. The most important part was creating a soundproof management system that covered every detail, this allowed me to be as best prepared as possible and is a life-saver for how smoothly operations ran since our launch. This overall journey was extremely gruelling and it really took a lot of grit and time to put everything together since I was doing this as a 1 person team. My advice to other youth organizations is to establish a team from the get-go that way you have the extra support from others and it’ll be a lot less burdensome. Have someone play devil’s advocate against all your ideas, that way, you’ll be able to see everything in a different light and catch subtle details that may make all the difference in saving hours of future work.

After launching, I wouldn’t be lying when I said that my initial goal for Just For You Tutoring was ridiculously low. I set this goal as 300 followers and being able to match 10 tutors with students, needless to say, I’ve long passed that expectation and can’t wait to conduct more events and add more blogs to our website. Our Academic Blog was a great strand of our organization arising from our periodic feedback forms given to parents and students who wanted additional advice and help. This leads to my second point. As an organization, you should actively seek feedback from your team/audience as this allows them to feel like a validated and important part of your team/organization and you’ll know what your audience really wants. It is also through these feedback forms that we were able to generate dozens of testimonials that are shared via our website and Instagram, allowing us to further amplify our impact. 

My last and most important advice is to remain consistent. Success doesn’t occur overnight and there will definitely be highs and lows but it’s your choice of whether you want to dwell on the lows or continuously work to refine and grow your organization. Every organization will struggle in the beginning but as the exponential curve depicts, once you hit that significant point in time, your hard work will pay off and you’ll be able to see results. However, you will never know this if you don’t try, so, have faith in your accomplishments as you are your own biggest supporter. 

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to prevent some mistakes that I’ve experienced in the running of my organization and will aid you in your future endeavours. 

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