Impact = Idealism + Reality

Written by Suzanne Graham

What is it that makes an impact on the world? I think some of us have thought of this question before. As young people, we especially want to make change, to improve what we can so that we can live more fulfilling lives instead of living in fear.

But how does this work? People are thought to live within two types of thoughts: idealism and reality. Idealism is when a person does what they feel is right or it’s something they simply want to do. Reality on the other hand is when a person does what is best for survival: getting a practical job or focusing on the money rather than the moral outcome. Some people may think that there is no way that the two can coexist. I, however, disagree.

This world works best when there is an equilibrium between polar opposites. We grow as people when we know how joy and sadness play a role in our lives. We enjoy our day when we know how to balance both work and fun. Therefore, my take is that idealism and reality come together when a person has a grand vision and works with others to create a reality. To make a vision possible, the person needs to have their ideals as their central focus, but it will not be possible without considering what resources and mental energy it will need to become possible.

If someone had a vision, only focusing on the ideals, they would lead a fulfilling life, but it would not likely have a huge impact since the world would not see the overall worth it would have. On the other hand, if that same person only focused on reality, the scope of why they started the project in the first place would quickly become lost. Therefore, the impact of the vision, in both cases, are lost. In a way, it seems a lot like running a business.

To answer the initial question then, I have reached the conclusion that we need someone or a team of people who know how to balance the idealism and reality spectrums. Of course, there also needs to be vital skills such as good communication and leadership. There needs to be that one person who knows how to bring others together to join in their vision. The stats will be needed to bring in benefactors while the reason ‘why’ will gather the community. But despite all that, the vision itself remains the core of the whole process.

As young people learning how to navigate this world, remember why you have chosen the path you have and continue expanding on it. Regardless of the roadblocks that seem to be in your way, there is always a way around them. The course the future takes depends on the now and not on what has already happened. Therefore, as our current generation starts to take the stage it is important to remember that we are the future and the change this world needs – and there is reason enough to believe anything is possible.

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