Juman Alyousif: Founder of Brain-it Out

Written by Juman Alyousif

Hello! My name is Juman Alyousif and I am the founder of Brain-it Out. I started Brain-it Out during quarantine, in the year of 2020. I started this organization because I knew that because of this virus, many activities, lessons, school clubs and more have shut down. Brain-it Out has also given me a new perspective over STEM and I realized that I really enjoy the field. But Brain-it Out doesn't focus on only 1 topic, it brings all topics and subjects together, in a safe and secure platform. So far on Brain -it Out, I have hosted art lessons, a cooking competition, and opened administration applications! And now since 2021 has arrived, I'm planning on making more fun lessons and events! I also never expected for Brain-it Out to grow this quickly, as I founded it in October. I am very grateful for all the support I have received from my friends and family. And to all those kids out there, remember that you can accomplish anything! See it, then be it!

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