Listening Hour: Podcasts

Written by Suzanne Graham

For a lot of us, we rarely take a break as we try to meet deadlines and always thinking about the future. We are often either studying away at our desks or always on the move. Some of us don’t even have the luxury of carving in time for ourselves throughout the day (although, I highly suggest you make it an important part of your day. It’s a healthy habit to have and you’re less likely to reach burnout.) But what happens if you want some sort of entertainment while you’re grinding away? I think this is where podcasts really come in handy. Therefore, I decided to compile a list of shows you might want to incorporate in your day. Personally, I’m still getting into the medium. I am the type to get really distracted if I have two interests occurring simultaneously. But, to me, the podcasts under Dive Studios are worth a listen, all of them containing some of the best conversational topics.

1. How did I get here? W/ Jae & AleXa

This is my absolute favorite. Sometimes I get behind on my podcast listening and when I do, I make sure to catch up on all the episodes of this one first. The podcast is about exactly what the title suggests: talking about a subject, but being fascinated with the tangents. Some of my personal favorite episodes have been #11|Do Video Games Make You Smarter? And #50|Testing For Our Future Careers with Keshi.

2. GET REAL w/ Peniel, BM, and Ashley Choi

I haven’t gotten very far into this podcast. Today I started attempting to catch up again. However, every episode delivers quality content. Why? Because these three idols from the music industry open up about their struggles in young adulthood. Oftentimes, we view celebrities at a higher status than we are, especially if they achieved their dreams when they were in their teems. These idols, however, unmask the reality. For example, Ashley Choi discusses her dreams of being a Korean idol with she was in high school in New York, but at the time she only thought it was a dream. BM also open up about wanting to become a dancer in a school that frowned upon it.

3. Stephanie and Joan’s Beauty Bar

The show started this past Wednesday, therefore it’s highly new and its content still needs to build. I included it on the list though because when they talk about beauty, it’s not about makeup and the typical image of femininity. Instead, it is about taking care of your body through self-care, watching the types of foods you eat, and how you take care of your skin. This is because how we treat our body will reflect in our mood and outward image. Their message of self-care is important for all of us who have been wanting to nourish themselves.

4. The Magnus Archives

Okay, I’ve been talking about a lot of shows hosted by Korean-Americans, but now I change course. I found out about The Magnus Archives through one of my social media feeds. It seemed to have a huge dedicated fanbase, so I decided to check it out to see what the hype was about. It was worth it. The show is semi-horror and semi-mystery as a narrator talks about some work-related written records. It is absolutely eerie, but it hooks you from the beginning. The show is currently on season five, so if you decide to check it out, you have plenty of content to enjoy.

In the comments below, I’d love to hear what you’re currently listening to! Happy listening!


  • ] Onireyoze

  • ] Ihpuca

  • ] Ifaezog

  • ] Ekaxevdu

  • ] Ajuwogaqu


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