My Alive Vibe Story

Written by Suzanne Graham

Hello fellow Alive Vibians! My name is Suzanne and I am the new blog manager so you will be seeing me post 2-3 times a week, exploring thoughts and promoting events. If you have stumbled onto this wonderful section of the website, you may have wondered what kind of content people will be able to find (or even post themselves.) I have now come before you with an answer: anything! As long as it is within copyright laws and moral code, of course. Just like how there’s a huge list of topics for events one can attend or create, the same thing applies to the blog. Topics can include a movie you might want to gush about, your favorite recipes (I need a good udon recipe if anyone has one), study abroad experiences, and more…

The Jungle + Downpour + the Wonderful World of Friendship

While you think of your exciting post idea, I want to tell you the expansive story of how I discovered Alive Vibe. This story predates to 2018 when I was on a trip to Fort Worth, a city that can be found in the suburbs of Dallas. This would be my first time traveling to the area to see the now most popular group in the world (fun fact: I am a KPop fan and BTS is my ult group. Which by the way, a quick shout out to them for having received #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart!) My trip to the Dallas area was the craziest experience I have ever had. To begin, my friend and I decided to stay at one of the places offered on Air B&B. Full disclaimer: we knew going in that the place that we were going to sleep was going to be this makeshift room that the owners had created and there wasn’t going to be any warm water. When we got there though, it was as though we were spending the night in the thicket of a jungle having to go through some kind of Indiana Jones experience. It was a hippie complex, but they didn’t take care of anything. The weeds towered over us, the shower had no privacy, and I don’t even want to say anything about the outhouse. At night, I just felt completely lost. In the morning, however, there was no hiding from the wildlife. The outdoor shower included mosquito infestations and a giant spider web over your head, and when exiting the property I was more concerned with my feet, but my friend spotted another giant spider looming right over us on the path out of there. We decided to stay at one of those cheap motels immediately after that. Later, when we finally made it to the venue, we got in the line for merchandise and it felt like an absolute relief. Sadly, the struggles do not stop there. I could give you the whole story of what happened next, but I’ll break it down: I ended up getting a sunburn on both my shoulders because I couldn’t find my sunscreen; my friend was suffering from asthma since she forgot her inhaler; we only ended up getting the light sticks because the merchandise line was way too long and it was already beginning to sell out; we got rained on; I also almost lost my bag due to the staff not letting me bring it inside the building, but then after all that we finally made it safely inside the venue and the concert made it worth all our struggles. I want to talk about the story of how I got rained on though. It’s my favorite part. There was this area right next to the venue that was a water fountain garden and its key feature was four differently styled fountains. One of them you could go down into it and take pictures, so I did. Look at me all happy here: 

When I was taking pictures, however, I felt water on my face. I thought it was due to the water falling over the side of the fountain. When I made me way out though, I realized that it was actually in the early stages of pouring. My friend and I ended up making our way to the super fancy hotel across the street where they were offering plastic bags as ponchos, but not before we got drenched. My clothes were soaked for such a long time, you can see how bad it was here: 

Where this story eventually takes us is where we are finally in our seats ready to watch the concert and I ended up making an amazing new friend with the person that sat to my left. I feel so bad for her because my friend and I showed up in such a state, but we have communicated with each other since. Honestly, I wouldn’t trade our friendship for the world!

The Moral of the Story

At the beginning of the summer, my new friend, now a longtime friend of two years, let me know that she was going to begin interning for Alive Vibe. I decided to attend a couple of events since it seemed like something fun to do to fill the time while getting the chance to meet people from across the globe. In conclusion, if it wasn’t for Kpop, I would have never met my friend, and therefore, I would not be writing this post today. KPop led me to Alive Vibe. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas of what you would like to write. If you have any stories of how you came to discover Alive Vibe as well or any crazy concert experiences, I would love to hear them in the comments below! *cough* Although they would make amazing blog posts *cough*

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