Sneak Peak: Curse of Generations

Written by Suzanne Graham

Sometimes we may feel as though the world is determined to keep us within a tight sphere, keeping us from reaching our full potential. Instead of fighting it, eventually, we may decide to give it, but it hurts our inner soul. When I began writing this short story these were the emotions I had in mind. Originally, I planned on posting the full short story, but it hasn’t completely pulled itself together yet so here is an excerpt of what I have so far. For those suffering from similar emotions, please know that it’s only temporary. Nothing is ever engraved in stone.

All she wanted was to catch a glimpse. A glimpse as she spread out her wings to marvel at their incredible length and artistic design, but whenever she moved just a smidge, the chains clamped around her tighter. She wasn’t ready, the claimed. The risks were too high, they lectured. But how was it that her siblings were free to feel the wind between their feathers? Because she was the one who carried the curse, they explained.

It was through her sacrifices the rest of the family could flourish, she told herself as she embraced the cold, stone floor.

Every day she appeared strong and more resilient, contrary to expectations. On the inside, however, she was slowly withering away.

Awaiting the moment she’d suffer no more.

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