The Vibe Check-Up : August

Written by Helen Zhu

What’s up, Alive Vibe Tribe? It’s been another amazing month here at Alive Vibe. We can’t wait to catch everyone up on all the AMAZING projects that have been going on! This month, there will be some surprises, updates, and more featured events. Come take a look with us.


There have been so many incredible things going on this month. One big change that has occurred is… our name! It has been several months since we started CMI and we have all certainly become attached to it. However, it’s time to say goodbye to CMI and say hello to something bigger and better. We are now… ALIVE VIBE!

As we have changed our name, we plan on having many more projects. We have launched our very first ad video available on Instagram. There have also been a variety of collaborations this month with other start-ups and organizations founded by teens just like us.

This month, we also launched a new initiative called Vibe Points. This is such a great way to gain rewards by joining events, hosting events, and sharing Alive Vibe with others. 

Ways to earn Vibe Points include: 

  • Placing an Order (10 vibes)
  • Sharing on Twitter (25 vibes)
  • Following on Twitter (25 vibes)
  • Liking on Facebook (25 vibes)
  • Sharing on Facebook (25 vibes)
  • Following on Instagram (30 vibes) 
  • Celebrating a Birthday (20 vibes) 
  • Signup (30 vibes)


  • Chit-Chat with Our Mindsong- Mental health is still largely stigmatized in our culture these days. Some of us feel like we shouldn’t talk about it or that it’s their own business. Some of us may feel indifferent to issues of mental health. Some may feel scared that others will judge them. Some just don’t know that much about different aspects of mental health. This event provided us with an open discussion into the various aspects of mental health. It provided an open and safe environment where people could come and talk with the founders of Our Mindsong. There were discussions of removing the stigma of mental health from our culture, our neighborhoods, and increasing our activism for it. 
  • Healthy Eating as a Student- This was such an useful event for those of us heading off to college. We’ve all heard of that infamous “Freshman 15” and all swear to avoid it as we go into college. But we know how that story ends. This event provided us with tons of useful information on how eating healthy is possible in college and how it is possible to avoid that “Freshman 15”. 
  • How to Learn Entrepreneurship- For all our future business men and women out there, this was the perfect event to attend. It included a rich discussion with Robert Kirstiuk on how to start, finance, make a profit, and then pivot a company. Kirstiuk provided some advice as he recalled his days as a founder and how he raised $2.5M in venture and angel financing. 


This month, we reached an AMAZING milestone. Our founder & CEO, Ali Debow, did an interview with South China Morning Post. We have been published in this premier Hong Kong newspaper! This article also featured several other start-ups that are doing great things. We are so proud to be featured in SCMP’s Young Post alongside these other start-ups. As we continue to grow, we look forward to many other news articles. 

This month has been great and we look forward to all that will happen in September. As we close off this newsletter, we just want to tell everyone to continue signing up for all of the wonderful events and to check out our socials. 

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