The Vibe Tribe Check Up: July

By Helen Zhu 
How goes it, Vibe Tribe? Wow!! It’s been another AMAZING month here at Count Me In. It has definitely been a hot minute but time goes by fast when attending events on Count Me In. In this edition, join us as we take you down memory lane for this month. You’ll find a variety of recaps, updates, and some thoughts from fellow Vibe Tribe members. There are so many events on Count Me In but we’d like to share some of our featured events from this month. Count Me In is an amazing community that you’ll experience a little of through this newsletter. There have been so many connections made that reflect how special this really is. 
A Look at Our Featured Gems…
With all the incredible events on Count Me In, it's nice to look back at our featured events for this past month. There have been a variety of them from virtual tours to addressing anti-blackness in our communities. We love all of our events and are so proud of how each event has evolved. This month, we’d like to highlight a few that were special to the month of July. 
  • Hong Kong Disneyland Virtual Tour- hosted by our founder, Ali Debow. Her weekly Hong Kong virtual tours had an additional panache as she brought everyone on an interactive tour of Disneyland. We were able to go on rides with Ali and choose which rides to go on. What a great way to provide some fun and entertainment as we all are at home. It was magical just like Disney. 
  • Teens Discuss Asians for Black Lives Matter: The Root Problem & What We Can DO- hosted by Dear Asian Youth. This event raised important issues within the Asian community. It addressed how to talk to family members about the anti-blackness in our communities and provided great resources. 
  • AMA with Marty Hu- hosted by founder & CEO of Prodigy. Prodigy is a company building the future of automotive retail. It is a platform that allows consumers to purchase vehicles from home. The software is used by some of the largest automotive groups. Hu was a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 List for enterprise technology in 2019. As a member of the entrepreneurial community, Hu provided unique insight into the world of business in this Q & A session. 
  • Stitch it to the Patriarchy- hosted by the founder of Stitch It to the Patriarchy. This event shared how clothes can be sustainable. Not only did it provide ways to make clothes sustainable, she also talked about how Stitch It to the Patriarchy engages political discourse and educates people about climate change. 
  • Virtual Tour: NYC- hosted by Vincent Wilmet. The newest of CMI’s virtual tours provided us with some quarantine fun. Since many of us can’t travel and as NYC is one of the major trip destinations, Wilmet brought the city to us. This tour provided views like no other as we embarked on a walking tour of the city. We saw famed sites like Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. Through Vincent’s tour, we were able to live vicariously and experience the city that never sleeps. 
  • IB, Cambridge, and All Things Academic (with a Dash of Tiktok)- hosted by Christian Suen. As someone who has taken IB, Suen hosted a fun yet educational event to answer all your questions. Many times, we may google things to get our answers but this event provided an inside perspective into what it’s like to take these courses. 
These events are just a little taste of all the things CMI has to offer. In addition to these highlighted events, we’ve also had our amazing recurring events. All of the events are amazing opportunities to meet new people and form new friendships. It is a virtual home for people from a multitude of places and a multitude of interests. 

Messages from Fellow Vibe Tribe Members… 
“I love how Count Me In is very straightforward and open for everyone to use. It has been great to see it grow from a few people who became such good friends to a daily operation that spans continents - it's been awesome to see how far the development has gotten in such a short time. I got involved in CMI when Ali DMed me on instagram and I just wanted to do something to push myself to be more open and confident and CMI helped me open up to new people.” -Tim Fraher, California
“CMI has quite a few aspects that I love. First, the wide range of events provides anyone with something that interests them- and you can find others that share your interests! I also really enjoy the openness and welcoming nature of everyone involved with CMI. No matter which event I join, I am instantly surrounded by upbeat and interesting conversations. Watching CMI grow in such a short period of time has been inspiring. It shows that regardless of where you are from, you can connect and share your story with so many people. It’s refreshing to see a new face every time I join an event as I can see CMI’s influence expand. As an incoming freshman in college, I thought CMI would be a great opportunity to meet fellow students, but I never expected I would enjoy going to so many different events. Although I’m usually hesitant to go out of my comfort zone, CMI has provided me with a safe space where I can meet new people and share my ideas and experiences.” -Celia Forster, Washington
“CMI has allowed me to see a bigger world as we are advised to stay home. By utilising technology to help us connect with one another, CMI helps to maintain and expand the globalisation of our relationships at a time when it is less able to do so physically.” -Todd Lu, New York
“When I just joined CMI, there were less than 1000 followers on Instagram. BUT LOOK AT US NOW! I’ve literally seen this platform evolve better and better. 
I came across this platform by chance. I just started to follow many colleges on Instagram, then CMI popped into my “suggestions to follow”. So, I gave it a try… that was the turning point of my boring quarantine life!!! People here are just so nice and the events are always so entertaining. Joining this platform is ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I’VE MADE IN MY LIFE!! I feel bad for the people who have not joined this big family yet~ they are missing so much fun~ LOVE THE CMI VIBE TRIBE TEAM!” -Celina Chen, Pennsylvania
“What I love about CMI is having the opportunity to meet so many people who I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to meet ever! Seeing CMI grow from just a couple of users and events to what it is now has been amazing and inspiring, especially seeing how hard Ali worked on CMI and how it’s paid off. I got involved in CMI through first attending some events here and there because Ali told me about it, then going on to host my own event.” -Alexandria Devito, California
Oh How Far We’ve Come… 
With our consistent determination and teamwork, we have grown even more. We have over:
  • 750+ events
  • 8000+ bookings
  • 3000+ users
  • 600+ cities
  • 300+ hosts
We, here at CMI, are beyond grateful for all the growth that gas happened. It is inspiring and rewarding seeing all of the connections being made. We can’t wait for the future where things will be even bigger and better! 
What’s New?
Count Me In has launched its newest edition of the website ( You can browse and directly book events off of our website! This is absolutely AMAZING as we no longer have to use Bookwhen and can directly book from the website. The best part is a visually appealing calendar to view all of our events! 
As we continue to grow, we’ll launch more things and continue to improve the website. Right now, we want to give a HUGE thank you and shout out to our team for designing and creating the latest website. Our team consists of members with a variety of interests and skills. 
To close off this edition, we’d like to say thank you to all CMI users. Count Me In could not grow without each and every one of you. It is amazing seeing worlds colliding everyday. Thank you for giving your time and for supporting us. We love you all and we’ll see you soon. Good vibes only!!
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