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Founded by Ali Debow, Count Me In is a startup with the goal of connecting people from around the world to collaborate, engage in discussions, explore new ideas, and teach skills. Initially, Ali envisioned creating an interactive app through which people would be able to meet others going to the same events as them. After all, it’s always a little awkward and intimidating to go to an event alone. However, during Covid-19, CMI evolved into a rapidly growing platform through which virtual gatherings could be held, untethered by location. CMI provides a positive and intimate setting to forge new friendships with people in different geographical locations and delve into various topics of interest.

How to get Involved 

  • Attending Events
        • With over 100+ different events every week, there is surely something for everyone. From talks on body positivity to lessons on learning French, hosts from around the world share their ideas and engage in meaningful discussions with others. You can choose to attend recurring events or highlighted events. The opportunities are endless! Visit our website for a complete list of events and sign up for any that interest you.  
  • Hosting Events
        • Do you want to share something you are passionate about? Do you want to teach a skill or share a significant experience? At Count Me In, we are always inviting people to host events about anything they are interested in. There really is no limit! You can choose the date and time you would like to host your event. Visit our website to fill in the Host Form to get started! 
  • Brand Ambassadors
        • Interested in promoting CMI and being a part of the team? Sign up to be a brand ambassador! This role has minimum commitment and consists of attending at least 3 events a week and promoting CMI on your social media. A simple way for people interested in joining who may not have a lot of time. 
  • Internship at CMI
      • Would you like to help expand CMI and join our Vibe Tribe Team? We are currently recruiting interns for varying roles, depending on the needs of CMI. So far, we have roles in marketing, graphic design, social media, blogging, and so much more. We welcome new ideas and team members. Simply fill out an application on our website and we look forward to reading it!

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    Instagram: @Countmeinofficial

    Twitter: @c0untm31n

    Facebook: @countmeinhk

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGQFn1lPDFXTsJOWeRSHMKA

    Website: countmein.info 

    Excerpt: Welcome to Count Me In! Here is a quick read about CMI and how to get involved. 

    Authors: Helen Zhu and Esha Bayani

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